Research System and Mechanism

Process Flow of Conducting Research in IBC







Progress Report


1. Information
IBC research office provides research information such as external conference, internal conference (IBC conducts conference with other institutes, such as WBU, ATBU, IABU, Than Hsiang Research Center) to graduate students, faculty members.
IBC research office provides research topics for researchers each semester.
IBC research office communicate with researchers via e-Mail, website, Intranet and facebook page.
2. Conformation
Researchers will complete Research Proposal Form to IBC research office/Admission office. If they need research grant/travel grants, they also need to complete the IBC Research Application Form.
3. Decision
Review of Researcher profile and project proposal by Research Committee. Decision made by Research Committee/Academic Committee.
4. Notification
A notice of approval sent to the researcher by Admission Office.
5. Action
Conduct research
6. Assistance
IBC will provides researchers library, e-library, supervisor (for students), grants and all necessary needs.
7. Progress Report
Research reports submission every 3 months.
8. Completion
Researchers will submit their paper to the IBC research office after they present their papers in conference.
Graduate students can submit their research paper to their supervisor and supervisor will recommend for publication.
Researchers will inform IBC research office about their publication.