IBC Research Committee

1. The Research Committee shall be led by the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies.
2. The Research Committee shall develop 5 years research plan.
3. The Research Committee shall plan and allocate the research budget.
4. The Research Committee shall approve the research project and the researcher, and appoint a supervisor to supervise the research project.
5. The Research Committee shall meet at least once in every 6 months.
6. The Research Committee shall appoint pertinent members to review and appraise the research work.

Research Office

1. The Research office shall provide the administrative support to the committee and researchers.
2. The Research Office shall manage the documentation, filling system and act as secretariat for all the research works and activities.
3. The Research Office shall keep current with the regulations and policies of Thai Educational Authority.
4. The Research Office shall plan and coordinate the research based studies, ie workshop, seminar, conference etc.
5. The Research Office shall monitor and keep track of all the research works and activities.
6. The research outcome shall be submitted to the Research Office.
7. The Research Office shall provide advice to the researchers on publication and utilization.


1. The Researcher shall obtain a proper approval and permission from IBC Research Committee prior to conduct a research.
2. The Researcher shall refer to the Administrative office for latest Thai legislative procedure and regulations.
3. The Researcher must comprehend and comply with the Code of Ethics of Research.
4. The Researcher shall complete the research within the specific time duration as approved.
5. The Researcher shall report research progress on periodic basis as required.
6. The Researcher shall be required to apply study leave if the research is to be conducted outside Thailand and Malaysia.