M.A. Buddhist Studies (International Program)

The Master of Arts Program in Buddhist Studies aims to equip its participants with the currency of knowledge, skills and wisdom to serve humanity with Buddhist values. It is a 36-credit 4-semester program, which is intensive in approach and comprehensive in coverage. It is intended for graduates who are serious in scholarly pursuits and who have a strong self-motivation. The curriculum is designed to give graduates a broad and in-depth scholarly understanding of all aspects of Buddhist studies and scholarship and skills in methodology for research, analysis and presentation of scholarly works. It prepares and equips graduates with profound understanding of Buddhist teachings in all its aspects essential for a successful practical or academic career.

M.A Program: 36-credit Program

  • 1. Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (English Program)
  • 2. Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (Chinese Program)

Philosophy of the Programme

The Master of Arts Program in Buddhist Studies aims to equip its participants with the currency of knowledge, skills and wisdom to serve humanity with Buddhist values.

The basic philosophy adopted is to emphasise the development of graduates:

  1. To be well-rounded in both academic and practical aspects of Buddhist Studies
  2. To have the ability to apply and to think in a constructive, analytical and synthetic manner
  3. To have the skills to apply lifelong self-learning
  4. To have the ability to communicate with others effectively
  5. To show excellence in morality and ethics

Objectives of the Programme

The programme aims for the following objectives:

  1. To train graduates for mastery in Buddhist teachings and sound research methodology necessary in analyzing and presenting the relevance, currency and applications of Buddhist teachings in the analyses of the issues and missionary works in the world of today
  2. To develop competent academic professionals and scholars in Buddhist studies (philosophy, cultures and literature) of the three major traditions
  3. To prepare graduates for a career path in academic pursuit, teaching and propagation of Buddhism
  4. To help graduates master the knowledge and practices of Buddhism for academic scholarship, teaching and practice of Buddhism, distinguished in the theory and applications of Buddhist teachings, as competent scholars and missionaries for the propagation of Buddhism, and in so doing, to help promote world peace and harmony.
  5. To train Buddhist monks, nuns and laity to be successful communicators of the timeless and universal teachings of Buddha

For full details of the course descriptions, admission requirements, academic program, fees etc, please download the curriculum attached at the bottom of this page.

Educational Assistance

Students who need financial support can apply to the IBC for educational assistance.

Admission Requirements

The applicants should have the following qualifications:
N.B. Due to limited enrollment capacities of a maximum of 50 per course, students should bear in mind that meeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission.

  • A four-year bachelor degree from the International Buddhist College or an equivalent degree from a recognized or accredited tertiary institution, with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 (out of of a 4.0 maximum) for the work done in the last ten full course equivalents prior to graduation, except for applicants who have produced academic works approved by the IBC Academic Committee.
  • Degrees and grades from foreign institutions are evaluated for their equivalency to those of the International Buddhist College.
  • Applicants in some exceptional cases may or may not be asked to sit for entrance qualifying examinations. This would be studied on a case by case basis and approval from the Academic Committee is necessary.
  • Proficiency in the English or Chinese or both languages is essential for the pursuit and successful completion of graduate programs at the International Buddhist College. Prior to admission to the MA program at IBC, an applicant whose primary language is not English or Chinese and whose first degree is not done in Englsih or Chinese must fulfill the English or Chinese language proficiency requirement usually by passing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The minimum score for a pass is 550 (written test) or 213 (computer-based test). Students without this requirement on TOEFL or equivalent English or Chinese language test results will have to sit for and pass the English or Chinese language proficiency tests designed and administered by International Buddhist College.
  • All students should have a reading knowledge of a modern language other than English or Chinese, or of a classical language appropriate to the thesis research. The language requirement should be met before admission to the MA program. Exemption from this requirement will be accorded to those who have proof (e.g., one full course equivalent of language study; native linguistic skills) of reading competency in an appropriate language. Those lacking the required proficiency may be considered and asked to do non-credit courses on the appropriate language if admitted.

Required Application Documents

  1. Application form for admission, educational assistance , medical and health (download here)
  2. A copy of the official transcript of the applicant’s previous university studies.
  3. A photocopy of identification document such as a passport.
  4. Two recommendation letters from the two referees who are unrelated to one another, or any persons who are able to evaluate the candidate’s academic and professional performance.
  5. Two passport–size photographs taken not more than six months prior to application.

All the documents mentioned above should be mailed to the address below. You can also email them first to us.

Send your application form and all required documents to:
International Buddhist College (Sadao) Campus
88, Mu 2, Thung Mo Subdistrict,
Khuan Sato, Amphoe Sadao,
Songkhla 90240, Thailand

Both the application for admission and educational assistance will be processed together. Applicants may be called for interview. We will inform the applicants the date and venue for the interview.

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