IBC Trip on New Student Orientation Days

Every year at International Buddhist College (IBC) has “New Student Orientation Program” and this year is 2019. Besides that, during the occasion, the college always arranges some trips for the student. I am one of IBC’s student got the chance to participate in the program. So, another student and I have visited many places in Hat Yai city, for example, Stainless Steel temple, Ton Nga Chang Waterfall and so on. The most special place for me is Sky 33 Buffet Restaurant because the restaurant is on the 33rd floor of the building and when I was there it was so amazing. I felt like I was floating in the sky, and looked around the city. The view is so beautiful and unforgettable. I could see the buildings, houses and apartments are near to the sky buffet restaurant. When I looked down from the windows, saw many cars were running on the street looked very small like an ant colony. Moreover, the foods there is not expensive only 169 Thai Baht per one person, but we got plenty of foods, drinks, ice-cream, etc.
I am sure that not only me but as well as all IBC’s staffs, members and student appreciated by what IBC has done for us. The activity or orientation program encouraged me to pay attention to put more effort into studies for developing myself and getting the best qualities. However, learning at IBC I always feel that I am fortunate than others who have no this opportunity because IBC provides almost everything for the student especially the necessary things what we need. For example, foods, drinks, residences and even scholarships. I sometimes question myself that why does IBC do almost everything for the student without expecting anything in return? And finally, I found down the reasons of IBC according to my understanding that the college just wants to do beneficial things for the human beings around the world and “for the good of many” accordingly to the college’s slogan. And this is the way of Bodhisattvas to attain the Buddhahood or enlightenment. Therefore, IBC is done the good things without anticipating something in return just for an accumulation of the Pāramitā (perfection).
So, by what IBC has done for the student especially offering the scholarships stimulate me to be awakened for improving myself. Addition, in this year I have a full of encouragement to pay attention to study, being hard-working for my better result, qualities as well as making myself more worthy to proud my parents and myself as well.
In the end, I would like to say thank you to IBC particularly the founder of the college Ven. Dr. Wei Wu who allowing unprosperous student around the world to get a good chance to learn and develop ourselves in good directions.
Thank you very much!

Reported by: Ven. Phoutthangkoura Phimmasone