Dean List Award of Second Semester for Academic Year 2019-2020

IBC has to its credit initiated the Dean List Award to be offered to students who excel in both academia and conduct. As an excellent center for Buddhist Studies, IBC always tries its best to produce high quality scholars in Buddhism who are equipped with both knowledge and conduct which together constitute a fully developed personality.
IBC firmly believes that conduct is cleansed by knowledge (wisdom) and knowledge is cleansed by conduct (sīlaparidhotāpaññā, paññāparidhotaṁ sīlaṁ), and these two must both be developed to complete the student’s education.
The Dean List Award aims to encourage students in their character building through Buddhist education which comprises of knowledge of the subjects and practice of good conduct.
IBC is therefore pleased to welcome all students to come forward and earn the Dean List Award which would show your dedication and determination regarding Buddhist education.
The students who had achieved the Award for the 2nd semester in Academic Year 2019 as of the following:
1. Ven. Joy Barua (B.A. in Pāli and Sanskrit Language and Literature)
2. Ven. Kavinanda (B.A. in Pāli and Sanskrit Language and Literature)
3. Ms. Sameeksha Pramod Kamble (M.A. in Buddhist Studies)
4. Ms. Samiksha Meshram (M.A. in Buddhist Studies).