Birthday Celebration on 28th August 2020

On 28th August 2020, IBC arranged the birthday celebration for the students who were born in August. We celebrated this meaningful day in the dining halls. All the students participated in this event and wished their friends to be healthy and happy. There are four students who were born in August namely Ven. Jibok, Ven. Aporbu, Ms. Ani and Ms. Wang Yali; as well as our staff member, Sister Ngor. As we are all part of the IBC family, we decided to have this activity for every month of the year with Ven. Zhen Cheng being the leader.
We ordered two birthday cakes and prepared the food and drinks. Our organizer designed the birthday cards. To make the occasion more memorable, the cards included the signatures of Ven. Zhen Chan, Ven. Zhen Cheng, Ven. Saksith and Ven. Zhen Yuan. We began the celebration by lighting the candles on the cakes. Then all of us sang a birthday song together, gave the birthday cards and took pictures. After that, the students cut the cakes and shared to all IBC members i.e. the teachers, students and staff members. We took the cakes, drinks and special food together. At the end of the celebration, Ven. Jibok who was waiting to go back to his country (Bangladesh), took the opportunity to thank IBC (a second home) for supporting him in his studies. He also thanked all friends who stayed together with him throughout his BA program. Although he has already gone back to his home, the friendship never ends. This was the purpose of the activity. We held the birthday celebration not only for enjoyment but also to make the IBC community more harmonious and happier.