Educational Trip to Songkhla on Oct 5, 2019 - The Ancient sites of the old Songkhla at Laem Son

Songkhla Trip - Oct 5, 2019 - The Ancient sites of the old Songkhla at Laem Son
1) Wat Pharnon Leam Po; 2) Wat Siriwannawat; 3) Wat Bor Sap; 4) Wat Suwan Khiri; 5) Songkhla National Museum; 6) Songkhla Zoo

The old Songkhla at Laem Son appears to reveal some historical sites emphasizing the urban communities of Songkhla in the early Rattanakosin period, such as Wat Siriwannawat, Wat Bor Sap, Wat Suwan Khiri & Wat Phupha Boek.

The four temples were intentionally set along the east-west line dating back to he late Ayutthaya early Rattanakosin period.

The Buddhist sanctuaries of the four temples were influenced by the architecture of King Rama III. The arts are mostly combination of Chinese art and art of the local Thai craftsmanship.

In addition, there is a graveyard of the ancestors of the Na Songkhla Family, Bo Keng, J.V. Larsen, Sala Lop Suea, Sala Kuang which is considered important evidence of the Laem Son Songkhla.

Old Town Songkla area, the original community of Songkla province, where people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultures co-exist in peace and harmony. Thai-Chinese, Buddhist-Thai, and Muslim-Thai make up the mixture of populations in Songkla and Pattani provinces.