The Most Ven. Dr. KL Dhammajoti - Appointment of Rector Emeritus at IBC 12th Convocation

Professor Charles Willemen, the IBC Rector read the citation for the Most Ven. Dr. KL Dhammajoti.

“Without the Most Ven. Dr. KL Dhammajoti, the study of Sarvāstivāda Buddhism will not be as good as it is today. He does not only research about Indian Sarvāstivāda developments and doctrines, but he is best known in the world for his use of Chinese material while explaining Sarvāstivāda opinions. Our knowledge of Vaibhāṣika Buddhism has advanced so much as a result of his efforts. I have never met anyone so dedicated and thorough in his pursuit of knowledge. This is, by the way, a typical Sarvāstivāda Characteristic.”