Dr Kim Phaik Lah - Outstanding Educator Award Recipient at IBC 12th Convocation

Prof Kapila, the Vice Rector and Dean of Religious Studies, read the citation for Dr Kim Phaik Lah at IBC 12th Convocation Ceremony.

“It is an honour for me to introduce Dr Phaik Lah, Kim of Malaysia whose name has been confirmed by the Council of international Buddhist College to be a recipient of the award of outstanding educator, today, at the occasion of 12th convocation of International Buddhist College

Dr Phaik Lah, Kim, a Lecturer and Director of Studies and Research, Vision Academy, Penang, Malaysia; Adviser, Malaysian Junior Art Education Association, Founder and Advisory Board Chairperson for e-research portal: Team Leader of Arts Ed. Professional Learning Community (PLC). Currently, Dr Kim is actively involved in several arts ed. and cultural heritage research projects. She was formerly an Associate Professor in School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Coordinator of Basic Education Research Unit. She has been a teacher educator in Malaysia and education consultant to several international organizations in action research, integrated curriculum studies and innovation. She has more than 30 major research publications in education to her credit."