An experience of IBC

Life is uncertain but death is certain. Whatever opportunity comes in the way of life we receive it as a new experience of life and there is also no obstacle of exploring it.

To begin with, I was a BA 1st-year student of the accounting department at Banshkhali Alaol Degree College when I was in Bangladesh. But I had a great interest in the area of Buddhism. I used to read Buddhist religious texts although it was not enough to gather knowledge on Buddhism. Unfortunately, there are not enough Buddhist schools, colleges, and universities in Bangladesh. Due to that, those who are really keen in Buddhism, usually go abroad to study and research in the field of Buddhism such as in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and etc. However, one day I heard about IBC and their curriculum as well as the unique process of teaching. I got interested in studying at IBC because they mostly focus on the three Buddhist traditions which I was eagerly looking for. Subsequently, I collected all the information and sat for B. A. entrance exam at a particular time. Unhappily, I was not qualified. But I was selected to study English Program at IBC, Pak Thong Chai Campus where I myself got prepared to improve my English proficiency for a year. It was a new experience of life beyond my country.

In the beginning, I thought I was going to lose a year from my life. In contrary, it was the happiest, the most enjoyable and memorable year that I have never experienced in my life. I still can remember when I first arrived at IBC. I met many new students from different countries. Every day, a group of monks (we) used to go for alms round in local market. We were 13 students in total. We took part in the classes in two shifts in a day such as 8.30 am to 10.30 am and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. We had some wise and experienced teachers from several countries namely Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and an assistant teacher from Australia. The purpose of having so many teachers from various places was to improve our listening, writing, reading, speaking skills and understanding from different perspective. I haven’t met such generous, compassionate, kind–hearted and affectionate teachers ever. They are genuinely great in their place. They taught us how to lead a better life and be a better person righteously. They also taught us how to live individually and in a community with foreigners and etc… When some of the teachers left us, few students even wept because of their unconditional love. We also had some unforgettable trips with each of the teachers. Especially, a small group of monks visited Kuala Lumpur for a week before coming to Sadao campus from Korat Campus. In addition, I would like to be grateful to Ven. Zhen Chan who is my most favorite teacher. There would be no words to explain about him how helpful he is! I still try to apply his advice in daily life what he used to share with us after lunch and in tea party around 7.00 pm. Another teacher with significant personality is our regular teacher Kazal Barua. Because of their encouragement, love, and responsibility, today I am inspired.

Moreover, we not only celebrated Buddhist and Thai traditional festivals but also international events. We had very special food from different countries on the occasion of celebrations. Anyhow, whatever we do, our ultimate aim was to improve our English efficiency. Indeed, it was full of fun-filled year. I really miss those days as well as all friends and teachers and I will miss them forever. Besides, it is a very perfect place for the improvement of English to the students who have difficulty in English and who are worried about English to pursue a B.A. and an M.A. at IBC.

Obviously, I was so excited to come to IBC Sadao campus because I had to wait a year for it and also worked hard too. As I had been heard the basic indication about IBC Sadao campus before being here. I also got to know there are so many students (monk and lay) and professors living in the campus. Three to six students can stay in a room. One of the most interesting things is that the food supplied to students by the IBC is vegetarian. Overall, all the concepts inspired me to choose IBC and it seemed to me there should be more competition and fun among the students.

Finally, I have moved here and firstly met with known persons and collected a bit more information about IBC from them. It was not troublesome to cope with the situation when I arrived. Now I have been leaving for three months. Though I have studied at Korat campus where everything is totally different from the main campus. We studied only one subject in Korat campus but now we are studying for 5 subjects in a semester. On the other hand, it is not a great deal for students who studied in Pak Thong Chai. Because we have been taught and have enough foundation to pursuit all the two programs. Here, professors and staffs are very friendly, kind and open-minded that we can easily knock the door of them and can solve our problems. Students are also polite to treat each other.

To sum up, studying on Buddhism is a rare opportunity for me at IBC as a foreign place. I have discussed that Korat campus is a place where I spent a great time with some great notable persons. I am also pleased living in Sadao campus. As a student of IBC, I am really proud of myself.

Reported by IBC Student, Niloy Barua.