A wonderful trip

Travelling is important to discover new cultures and traditions followed by different places and people around the world. It always encourages us to connect with the beauty of nature and gain mental refreshment.

Our recent tour around Hat Yai province was a really pleasant experience. We visited the most three interesting places. On 12th December Wednesday was selected for the tour. All students gathered at the IBC lobby at 7.30 and we started our journey.

To begin with, the trip was a fun filled experience. we intended to approach a large waterfall. Specially I was eager to go. Because I had never seen waterfall in my life before on the day. We reached by 9'o clock. After walking a few minutes, I saw a beautiful and impressive waterfall surrounded by mountains. Water was flowing over a vertical drop with pleasant sound. Everyone became so excited. Those who were lay students took shower playing in the waterfall. Besides, all the monks were busy taking photographs as the background of waterfall. We had really a lot of fun while visiting the place. Having visited the waterfall, we assembled at a restaurant for the lunch. It was also a new experience in Thailand sitting in the floor, eating beside a small stream, having ridiculous conversation and etc.

Secondly, we all departed to a MAGIC EYE 3D MUSEUM. It is an amazing place for taking pictures with the matching of drawn scene. On the day, there were a lot people wondering and taking pictures there. It was also the first time for me visiting the 3D MUSEUM. When I first entered into the museum I thought there was nothing to visit. It was just like embodiment of different evident and nice views depicted in the walls. But when I saw the samples of how to take photos with examples then I understood the situation. However, it was a very nice place. Everyone enjoyed taking snapshots. We also had group pictures.

Finally, we (merely monks) looked over a charming lake. We walked around the lake for a while and saw there are so many boats at the shore of the lake. We were asked for the riding boats. It was an unforeseen occurrence for us. Only two persons can ride a boat. Therefore, we were divided into six groups with six boats. The boat riding was like riding bicycle. Each of the boats was hired for an hour. It was the funniest moment of the trip while riding boats. Because some time we had race within us. Moreover, we also took some photos of each other groups. Thereafter, we went to the near tallest statue of the Buddha as well as it is known one of the highest place in Hat Yai province. We hiked there for a while. Then, we returned our outing around 6.30 and arrived at IBC at 7.30.

To sum up, I have discussed that it was really an enjoyable and memorable trip because we had so much fun and delightful moments. Moreover, I would like to thank IBC staffs for organizing such an amazing trip. Overall, this trip has encouraged me to learn more about the nature of beauty of Thailand.