Puppet show in IBC by Ms. Bonnie Kim

By Ayon Barua Auvi

An interesting event, a Puppet Show, was organized in IBC on October 9, 2018 for students, professors and other IBC members. The show was exhibited by Ms. Bonnie Kim who is an artist, puppeteer, and teaching artist from Hawaii, USA. The show “the boy who loved puppets’’ is also written by her inspired by a true story of a Taiwanese puppetry artist. Indeed, everyone enjoyed the show very much.

The event was started by Ven. Satyajit Barua giving a brief introduction of the Puppet show, introducing and welcoming puppeteer as well as students, professors and everyone. He also encouraged all of us to be a part of the story with our participation and response.

From the beginning of the show, the puppeteer, wearing a costume, performed a invoking dance with a classic sound and charmed all of us. Then she began performing with the story. This show was about 45 minutes including the video projection of traditional Taiwanese hand puppet. The story was about a boy who followed his passion and dreams to become the best puppet maker and puppeteer in spite of the challenges and difficulties that he faced in every step from the beginning. The puppeteer, Ms. Bonnie Kim engrossed the audience with her voice modulation and effective use of creative puppets. As a solo puppeteer, she was narrating the story at the same time performing the play as accordance with their characters in a brilliant way! The amazing response of the audience was the proof of the joy and fun that we experienced from the show.

At the end of the puppet show, audience asked informative and funny questions to the puppeteer based on their understanding and curiosity. All the questions were answered by Ms. Bonnie Kim briefly in interesting ways. After the show, Ms. Bonnie Kim was honoured with a offering of IBC souvenir as a token of respect and love. Professor Tilak Kariyawasam presented the gift to her on behalf of everyone in IBC.