Tesco Lotus

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In Pak Thong Chai you find a small Tesco Lotus that provides affordable products for your daily need. Talad Lotus is a small store in which 80% of the goods are consumer products and fresh foods. The remaining of which includes clothing, hardware and a few electrical appliances.

Inside the store you find 2 areas:
1. Store area that contains more than 4,500 products
2. Mall area that contains small shops such as dessert shop, book shop, CD and Entertainment media, etc.

Talad Lotus has over 4,500 products such as:

Grocery Food
o Cooking needs
o Agricultural product
o Pasta & instant food
o Canned food
o Baking needs
o Confectionery & snack
o Food supplement
o Beverage
o Club pack

Grocery Non-Food
o Health & beauty
o Oral hygiene
o Hair care
o Cosmetics
o Household chemical
o Paper goods
o Pet food & supplies
o Religion

Fresh Food
o Bakery
o Produce
o Meat
o Fish
o Dairy
o Frozen

o Apparel
o Hard line - Home & Electronic

For further Information please visit http://www.tescolotus.com/en/