BT6213/ME6213 - The Śūnyatā Doctrine in Nāgārjuna’s Mūla-madhyamaka-kārikā

The course is designed to give an understanding of historical and philosophical significance of the Madhyamaka system of Nāgārjuna. The emphasis will be on understanding the philosophy of emptiness by reading the Mūlamadhyamaka-kārikā of Nāgārjuna.

The course will be roughly be divided into three sections:
a. The doctrinal background of Madhyamaka philosophy its history in brief;
b. Study of Kārikās: a study of selected chapters; and
c. Philosophical religious issues arising from the doctrine of emptiness (the idea of two truths, the alleged identity of Saṃsāra and Nirvāṇaa, etc.).