BT6212/ME6212 - Ālāya-vijñāna: The Yogācāra doctrine of the 'Store-consciousness'

The doctrine of the ālaya-vijñāna is one of the most important and distinguishing doctrines of the Yogācāra. This course focuses on the early Indian development of the doctrine. Its main content includes:

· The historical evolution of the doctrine from Abhidharma Buddhism, particularly the contribution from the Sautrāntika.
· The nature and functions of the ālaya-vijñāna as expounded in the fundamental texts of the school, and the importance of the doctrine for the school’s central thesis of vijñapti-mātratā.
· The doctrine of the transformation of the ālaya-vijñāna and its active cognitive evolutes (the paravṛtti-vijñāna) expounded as āśraya-parāvṛtti.