BC419 - Buddhist Vinaya and Modern Legal Philosophy

The course seeks to examine the corpus of disciplinary laws governing and regulating the Buddhist monastic order from the perspectives of modern legal philosophy which in this context is the study of general principles underlying the law. The course will make a special study of the ten basic principles which lay down the reasons for the promulgation of the Vinaya rules in the light of the broad principles of modern law as imparting of justice, arising of legal rights and duties, attachment of legal liability and legal responsibility. Actus Reus (culpable action) and Mens Rea (culpable mental state). The deterrent, preventive, reformative, will also be compared and contrasted with the punishments included in the Vinaya: Tajjanīya, Nissaya, Pabbājanīya, Patisāranīya and Ukkhepanīya.