BC301 - The Vinaya and Buddhist Monasticism

The course examines how the earliest community of Buddhist monks emerged as a highly organized monastic order with a code of ecclesiastical rules of its own. The course will therefore focus its special attention on the following aspects: origin and evolution of the Buddhist Vinaya as the corpus of disciplinary laws governing the Buddhist monastic order; establishment of the Bhikkhuni Order; precepts coming under Khandhakas and their role in monastic life; upajjhāya-saddhivihārika and ācariya-antevāsika relationshop; monastic conventions; upasampadā, uposatha, vassa-pavārana, kathina, sīmā, adhikarana-samatha; ecclesiastical offences and disputes; donation of monasteries and monastic residence; structure and administration of a monastery; monastic property and its management. The course will be concluded with a review of the changes the Buddhist monastic order underwent in response to social and cultural requirements of the countries to which Buddhism came to be introduced.