Tibetan Buddhism: The courses connected with “Tibetan Buddhism” provide students with fundamental knowledge of the history, culture and meditative practices in the religious history of Tibet.
Chinese Buddhism: The lectures in this section deal with the evolution of Buddhism in China and with the major schools of Chinese Buddhism such as Chan, Pure Land and Tian Tai.
Indian Buddhism: The lectures in this section are concerned with the history and thought of the different Buddhist Schools (Sthaviravāda, Mahāsāṃghika, Sarvāstivāda, etc.) that evolved in the time from the first schism until the decline of Buddhism.
Early Buddhism: The understanding of the essential early Buddhist doctrines and teachings is absolutely essential for the understanding of Buddhist thought. As such the lectures on early Buddhism build the basis for the study of Buddhism.
Theravāda Buddhism: The lectures within this section shall provide an overview about Theravāda Buddhism, introduce to the Pāli Canon and literature and discuss important aspects and doctrines.
Mahāyāna Buddhism: The related lectures shall give the students a general overview of the origins, nature, features and importance of Mahāyāna Buddhism and introduce to the main schools and doctrines.
Buddhism and.. : The aim of these lectures is to identify the Buddhist thoughts relevant for the specific field, to relate them to scientific approaches and to discuss how Buddhism can contribute to essential contemporary challenges.
Language and Culture: The study of Pāli ans Sanskrit build the foundation of Buddhist Studies. The aim of these courses is to bring the students to a level, where they can read, translate and interpret classical texts.
Basic Education: The courses within this section equip the student with the basic skills to study Buddhist thought (English, Communications, Computer Literacy and Skills, etc.)

In the IBC curriculum you find lectures about Early Buddhism, Indian Buddhism and Buddhism in the different countries, as well as lectures about Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. The lectures about Languages and Culture build the foundation. The interconnection of Buddhism and the different academic disciplines integrate Buddhist thought with contemporary sciences.