Vision & Objectives


IBC envisions itself as an international institution of higher learning in:

  • i. offering quality Buddhist education within a spiritually dedicated, non-sectarian, modern and scholastic environment;
  • ii. promoting knowledge and understanding of different Buddhist traditions thereby providing students with a unique opportunity to acquire a comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism;
  • iii. seeking to combine continuous inculcation of Buddhist spiritual values with the rigours of academic scholarship and a healthy appreciation for the richness and diversity of Buddhist traditions.


IBC upholds the mission to train its students to:

  • i. acquire communicational knowledge and skills in promoting Dhammaduta work;
  • ii. acquire basic skills in doing academic research;
  • iii. have deep understanding and appreciation for the richness of different Buddhist traditions;
  • iv. be competent in the use of English in teaching the Dhamma


  • i. To train sangha and serious lay Buddhists to be effective Dhamma teachers of the timeless and universal teaching of the Buddha;
  • ii. To promote Buddhist values and to demonstrate the validity and relevance of the Buddhist teachings as the foundation for building a universal humanistic culture for the globalized world;
  • iii. To provide a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Buddha's teaching with special emphasis on its application in our daily lives;
  • iv. To serve as a center of international Buddhist culture, offering opportunities for intra-religious understanding and fellowship among the three main Buddhist traditions.
  • v. To promote intra-religious understanding and fellowship among the three Buddhist traditions.