"Prof. Dr. Charles Willemen (Belgium) is currently rector and teaching professor at the International Buddhist College."
"IBC incorporates many features which will enable it to become an internationally recognized centre of excellence for Buddhist studies."
"The International Buddhist College (IBC) is an institute of higher learning that offers different academic programs related to Buddhist thought."
"IBC has two different campuses in northeastern (Pakthongchai, Nakhon Rachasima) and southern Thailand (Sadao, Songkhla)."
"Ven. Wei Wu is the founder of the International Buddhist College. Currently he acts as the Council Chairman of IBC."

Outstanding unique features of IBC are the non-sectarian and multi-traditional orientation and the equal emphasis on study and practice (Vision and Objectives). The curriculum of IBC covers the whole range of Buddhist thought. IBC is a young institution that aims to become an internationally recognized centre for Buddhist studies. At present, the College has a Library with around 20,000 book titles and an ELibary with recorded lectures, ebooks, links and other related resources.