Research Methodology Workshop Project Graduate School, International Buddhist College 26 January 2019 (Saturday)

1. Project Name: Workshop on Research Methodology
2. Person In-charge: Prof. Dr. Tilak Kariyawasam
3. Rational:
International Buddhist College (IBC) offers students a unique opportunity for experiencing a comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism from a non-sectarian point of view while promoting knowledge and understanding of the different schools and traditions within Buddhism. It promotes research activities to improve the academic standards.
More importantly, IBC strives to promote the research capabilities of students as research is the most valuable component at the university level of education. Therefore, IBC has successfully completed few Research Methodology workshops and designed a Research Methodology teaching course. In fact, research has become one of the main components to be assessed according to the new standard of higher education, Thailand. IBC hopes to provide a research methodology workshop to improve the young researchers’ knowledge on research methodology by taking into consideration the large number of M.A. and Ph.D. candidates who engage in research work. Moreover, IBC wishes to benefit researchers from various external academic institutions through organizing this workshop.
4. Objective:
The objective of this Research Methodology workshop is to provide a clear idea to the participants regarding Research Methodology, the characteristics and types of research work with an attention to the process and steps of research, collection and analysis of data, including the presentation of research work and eventually the technique to write and conduct a good research.
In addition, this Research Methodology Workshop will serve as a platform to guide students on the proper way to write research, select an appropriate research field and form a research topic. Furthermore, the Workshop will give an overview of important research methodology items such as methods to collect research material, analyze data, inclusion of footnotes and preparation of a bibliography etc.
5. Date: 26 January 2019 (Saturday)
6. Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm
7. Venue: Classroom C (Ksitigarbha), International Buddhist College, Sadao Main Campus
88, Mu 2, Thong Mo Subdistrict, Khuan Sato, Amphoe Sadao, Songkhla 90240, Thailand.
8. Language: English
9. Target Group: 60 – 70 participants including all IBC Faculty staff members, B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. students as well as representatives from external academic institutions such as Hat Yai University, Prince of Songkhla University, Mahapanya Vidyalaya of MCU and Ratchapat Songkhla University.
10. Expected Outcome:
At the end of this Workshop, the participants will have received the guidance and confidence which are necessary to mitigate complexities and avoid uncertainties specific to choosing and writing an effective research proposal, thesis or dissertation. Besides that, the participants will have a clear idea about Research Methodology as mentioned above.
Thank you.
(Prof. Dr. Tilak Kariyawasam)
Dean of Graduate School
@ Organising Chairman
International Buddhist College

26 January 2019 (Saturday) 08.30a.m. - 05.00p.m.
Please see the PDF file.